changing up the weekly menu in your homechanging up the weekly menu in your home

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changing up the weekly menu in your home

How often do you change up the food that you serve to your family? Our family consistently had spaghetti on Mondays, tacos on Tuesdays, and the list goes on. I felt that it was easier for my family to know what to expect for dinner each night and it made shopping so much easier for me. What I didn't realize is that limiting the kinds of foods that I served my family was impacting their enjoyment of dinner. I decided to get a good cookbook and start trying new recipes. My blog can provide you with a ton of specialty food ideas for your family.


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What Can You Make Using Milk Caramel?

To live a long and healthy life, you must eat regularly. Many people have dietary staples that they reach for on a daily basis. However, specialty foods can add variety to your everyday diet. Milk caramel, also known as dulce de leche, can make a delicious treat. You can purchase milk caramel from your favorite sweets supplier. Here are four delightful things you can do with milk caramel.

1. Eat milk caramel as a snack.

Milk caramel makes a delicious, sweet snack. Unlike some types of caramel, which are hard and chewy, milk caramel has a soft, creamy texture. You can eat this caramel by the spoonful. When you don't have time to bake something, but you still want a sweet treat, milk caramel can hit the spot.

2. Craft gourmet ice cream sandwiches.

You can use milk caramel to make your own gourmet ice cream sandwiches. Start with your favorite vanilla ice cream recipe. Any basic ice cream recipe can be enhanced with the addition of milk caramel during the freezing process. Freeze your caramel ice cream according to the manufacturer's instructions. Get your cookies ready when your ice cream is still a little soft. Finally, sandwich your homemade caramel ice cream between two chocolate cookies for an indulgent dessert.

3. Enhance your favorite hot beverages.

Milk caramel can be used to enhance your favorite drinks. Create your own caramel lattes using high-quality coffee and heated milk caramel. Simply add milk caramel to the milk of your choice before you begin heating it using a milk steaming wand. If you prefer to avoid caffeine, you can make caramel milk by using the same technique and omitting the coffee. You can also make caramel hot chocolate, which is a wonderful treat for small children, perfect for cold winter evenings.

4. Craft Stroopwafel cookies.

Stroopwafel cookies are a particular type of sandwich cookie. These cookies originated in the Netherlands, and they are an excellent addition to your morning cup of coffee. Instead of purchasing expensive sandwich cookies from a specialty store, you can make your own from scratch. Waffle cookies are the traditional base for this type of cookie. Simply use a waffle cookie maker to create thin, wafer-like discs. Once your waffle cookies have cooled and hardened, spread of small amount of milk caramel on one side. Stick two waffle cookies together to make this sophisticated pastry that is beloved around the world. Buy milk caramel today.