changing up the weekly menu in your homechanging up the weekly menu in your home

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changing up the weekly menu in your home

How often do you change up the food that you serve to your family? Our family consistently had spaghetti on Mondays, tacos on Tuesdays, and the list goes on. I felt that it was easier for my family to know what to expect for dinner each night and it made shopping so much easier for me. What I didn't realize is that limiting the kinds of foods that I served my family was impacting their enjoyment of dinner. I decided to get a good cookbook and start trying new recipes. My blog can provide you with a ton of specialty food ideas for your family.


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Beyond Good Digestion: Health Benefits Of Sauerkraut

Many people eat sauerkraut because they've heard it can improve their digestion. The probiotic bacteria in the fermented cabbage colonize your intestinal tract, promoting greater regularity and fewer upset tummies. But a healthier digestive tract is not the only benefit of eating sauerkraut. Here are some other health benefits of sauerkraut that make this favorite sandwich ingredient a wise, healthy choice.

Fewer Bouts of Illness

The bacteria in your digestive tract do not just help you digest and absorb food. They also play an important role in your immunity as they help fight off infectious bacteria and viruses. Many people don't have enough helpful bacteria in their digestive tract, and they may become ill more often as a result. Eating sauerkraut can help re-colonize your gut with these healthy bacteria. Your body will then be better equipped to fight off the common cold, the flu, and other infectious ailments. Being sick less often means fewer missed days of work and school.

Clearer Skin

Acne can be another consequence of a lack of good gut bacteria. Even if you don't have severe breakouts, the occasional pimple or blackhead may suggest that your immune system is not what it could be. If you add some sauerkraut to your diet, thereby boosting your immunity, you may find that your skin clears up over time. Some people are able to cut back on their use of acne-fighting creams and gels. Or, in milder cases of acne, you may be able to stop using these products completely.

Better Blood Clotting

In addition to being a great source of probiotics, sauerkraut is also a good source of vitamin K. This vitamin is necessary in order for your body to produce prothrombin, a component of blood clots. If you begin taking in sauerkraut more regularly, you may find that your cuts scab over faster and that little nicks and cuts don't bleed as much.

Improved Cognitive Function

Vitamin K also plays a role in cognitive function and memory, so getting more of this vitamin via sauerkraut is sure to be good for your brain. Additionally, the probiotic bacteria supplied by sauerkraut may help your body absorb various nutrients, like vitamin B12 and vitamin D, better. This can also lead to improved cognitive function. Or if you're worried about losing your memory as you age, eating more sauerkraut can reduce the risk.

Saukerkraut is a healthy addition to almost anyone's diet. Enjoy a scoop each day, and embrace the benefits above.